Monthly Archives: October 2012

My Paleo-ish Party!

Last night, I had a little pumpkin-carving party. While there were healthy eaters present, I was the only paleo-person in the group.  So, how to make food that I could eat and enjoy, but still please the crowd?  Here is what I did: 1) Uncured sorpressata hard sausage, with sliced sharp cheddar and crackers. For […]

A political aside…

Ugh. I just sat through the entire second presidential debate. I skipped the first one, but felt guilty about it. That’s the residual effect of my political science degree… I feel I need to pay attention, even when the result is uncomfortable.   Politics aside, Romney was so rude to Candy Crowley and Mr. Obama. […]

Paleo Party

I am planning a happy hour/dinner party toward the end of october, and I am wondering how paleo to make it!  It definitely won’t be a “PALEO PARTY” but I am definitely going to make food that I can eat. We’ll see. I’ll post about whatever I do, and in the meantime I’ll take suggestions.