Liver? Chicken.

Ah. Liver. This is my second post of Labor Day, but I didn’t want to taint the earlier happy food post with my “meh” liver experiment.

After reading all the Ancestral Health Symposium tweets and posts earlier this year, enthusiastically pushing the benefits of eating organ meats, I decided to pick up a package of chicken livers. My husband was grossed out. He said: “Liver is the body’s filter and it’s full of toxins!”  I said, “but, but, NO, because I read that it actually awesome for you, and it’s got about the same toxins as the rest of the animal.”  He shrugged.  I got the livers.

Then, standing in line at the check-out, I had second thoughts. I told my husband “Take these back real quick! I changed my mind.”

He gave me a look. He said “If you don’t like them, the animals can eat them.”  The dog and cat are definitely cool with eating livers.

My hesitation was not with the health issue so much as I was intimidated about cooking them. Historically, I have liked chicken livers as part of giblet gravy, or prepared as rumaki (wrapped in bacon with a water chestnut, fastened with a toothpick, optionally marinated with a teriyaki and grilled or broiled… apparently very trendy back in the 60’s or thereabouts).

Today, I rinsed the livers and sauteed them in a little pasture butter, with garlic and pepper.  Well…. I must be far removed from the little farm girl I used to be, because I was not brave.  The liver looked so GROSS in the package. And it smelled so GROSS out of the package (like coagulated blood). And it was GROSS when I was preparing it.  It did smell OK when being cooked (helped by the garlic). But then, the taste. Whew. It’s just such a strong flavor… I ate a tiny little piece, and that’s all I could do.

The strange thing is that now that it’s been chilling in the fridge for a few hours, I want to go back and taste it again.  But I am afraid.  I’d love to hear anyone else’s stories about overcoming their fear of liver.


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