Cauliflower Rice!

Happy Labor Day!

My day off has me feeling very domestic, so I cooked all day. I made fajita chicken for my husband’s lunches this week. I made coconut-breaded chicken nuggets for my lunches (chicken breast cut into nugget shapes, dredged in fine-shredded coconut, sprayed with a little olive oil, and baked/broiled on a cookie sheet).

Then, I tried a new recipe for cauliflower by Nom Nom Paleo.

It is wonderful!  I didn’t follow NNP’s recipe to the letter, but as she notes, it’s easily modified to one’s own preference.  I cut up the cauliflower by hand (my little food processor is kind of more trouble than it’s worth).  I used red onion (same thing, really). I have a slice of pastured butter, and a couple of spoons full of coconut oil on hand.  I seasoned my dish with a little sea salt, pepper, and dried parsley during the steaming process.  It’s a great savory flavor, and went well with my baked cod loins.

In fact, it tastes SO good that I intend to prepare it for a big family dinner at my house during the winter holidays.

Speaking of that dinner, I will take any and all suggestions on preparing a BIG paleo dinner. There will be at least 20 people at my house. I want to make a mostly paleo dinner that won’t alienate the non-paleo contingency (basically all of them except my mother).

This recipe definitely fits the bill!


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