Hurricane party (UPDATED)


Look, there is a storm headed my way! I feel lucky to have a sturdy house, and a safe place to be during the storm. As of Saturday morning, it’s already very stormy and gusty in my Miami-Dade neighborhood, where we are under a tropical storm warning, and a hurricane watch.  We may actually get some action, especially of the “losing electricity” variety.

I always go hurricane shopping before a storm, either: 1) because a major storm is coming and I am legitimately wary of being stranded for days without power/transportation/etc.; or 2) there is a less serious storm coming but I want snacks to eat by candlelight if the power goes out. This storm (hopefully) appears to be of the latter category, but it’s better to be prepared.

In the past, a ‘cane would be my excuse to buy all kinds of junk that I would ordinarily not eat (chips, cheetos, cookies, beer).  It’s like when the State lifts the tolls on the toll roads to facilitate evacuations.  A storm meant a no holds barred junk-food festival. And, I’d have to eat all of the food during the duration of the storm so it wouldn’t hang around.

THIS storm is the first time I have gone shopping for paleo-friendly hurricane supplies.  I stopped by the ol’ Whole Foods Market, and here is what I picked up (better than before, but some habits die hard):

1) a few cans of the fancier tinned organic chicken.

2) sardines (this is my own personal tradition)

3) grapes! green and red seedless grapes!  Yes, they are full of sugar, and I am eating them like candy.

4) Turkey jerky, and beef jerky.  I got the jerky with no nitrates, gluten, soy, or artificial stuff, but I have not been able to find grocery-store jerky that doesn’t have a lot of sugar and/or salt in it.  [Side note: My 80 year-old grandfather, a hunter, always used to have strips of dried or smoked venison around all the time. I am pretty sure it didn’t have any salt or sugar! I really need to ask him about it. Also, I need to raid his stock of venison jerky if he still keeps it around!]

5) dark chocolate covered almonds, and 85% cacao dark chocolate.  OK, ok, this is junk food. But, among the junk food I could be eating, it’s not so bad, RIGHT?  Antioxidants!

6) I re-stocked my various nuts (macadamia, almonds, pistachios).

7) Coconut water. Again, sort of junk-foodish and high in sugars, but I enjoy it, and it’s probably healthier than soda or beer.  I have been drinking the “Taste Nirvana” variety of 100% coconut water with pulp, which I like better than others I’ve tried. It has a good nutty taste that rivals a freshly opened coconut.

8) I didn’t buy wine or tequila, because I already have those things stocked. This is only in case of extreme emergency, like if we lose power for more than a few hours.

9) Water. Actually, I didn’t buy water, because we always have many of gallons of water stored. (My husband thinks that the well water from his parents house 250 miles away, is the best water in the world. And he thinks that our city tap water is yucky. Accordingly, he imports his drinking water.)  Still, I think I’ll fill up a few extra containers now and chill them in the fridge.

10) Eggs and chorizo. I am going to boil some eggs in a moment, to have them on hand (which is something I usually do, anyway).  The chorizo is something I almost never ate before (it’s SO greasy!)… but in small doses, it’s so good.

What am I missing and/or what should I have left out of my shopping basket?  Stay safe everybody.

UPDATE: Post Hurricane Sandy, Nom Nom Paleo did a nice post about her family’s disaster-preparedness kit, for some extra ideas.



  1. Dannielle · · Reply

    Thanks for posting this! I’m preparing for Sandy to touch down in NYC and went blank on what paleo foods I should stock up on. Yay Google for pointing me to your site!

  2. That’s great! I am glad to have helped a little. Stay safe during the storm!

  3. Also, in the wake of the storm mentioned above, I would say it’s nice to have a variety of fresh fruit on hand, and prepared foods (a cooler of ice is helpful too keep food from spoiling). Charge up your Kindle/Nook/smart-phone and book light in case your power/cable/internet goes out. A hand-crank weather radio/flashlight is also fun so you can hear the NOAA robot-voice update you on Frankenstorm.

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