A day of food.

I told my husband he should try paleo.  He had some trouble imagining what he would eat.  He eats (and I ate) a lot of foods that are now on my no-fly list (flour tortillas (for burritos), garbanzo beans/hummus, pita chips, cheese, just to name a few).

Here are some very non-professional photos of my food.  Sorry if you hate it when people take pictures of their food. I love looking at food photos.

First, here is a blurry photo of a typical breakfast:

Omega-3 boiled eggs, cherries, cookie made with almond flour and coconut flour. Usually it would be about 14 natural almonds.

And here is dinner from tonight:

Turkey burgers with spinach, guacamole, carrots.

No, I didn’t grow the carrots myself, or get them from a local farm. I got them from Whole Foods. The spinach is from Publix. I don’t even know if spinach is in season. Probably not!  The turkey is supposedly from happy turkeys via Whole Foods.  I doubt they’re ecstatic turkeys, but possibly they are handled better than other turkeys.  My husband made the delicious guacamole. The salad is drizzled with some 100%, one-grove, extra virgin olive oil (presuming the label is correct).


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