The Olympics

I watched a lot of the Olympics this year, and really got into the cheesy pageantry.

Right now, I am watching the closing ceremonies, and I have cried real tears several times.

Part of the emotion comes because I really feel the passing of time this Olympics. My dad died a year ago.  He saw his last Olympics 4 years ago (if he even watched them? I should know the answer to that question, and the fact that I don’t it, and can’t pick up the phone to ask him, is even more sad).

When doing the most simple and insignificant thing, it could always be the last time we do it.

This really reinforces why my new lifestyle is so important.  Being 50+lbs overweight made me feel so uncomfortable in my own skin, so disgusted with myself.  Depriving myself of food has often made me sad and cranky.  That’s no way to live, when life is so short.

This is why I have gone a little paleo-crazy, and it’s why I intend to take time to enjoy the simple diversion of the Olympics again in 4 years, and every time after that while I get to be alive on the planet.


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