Monthly Archives: August 2012

Old habits.

Today, I had a wonderful dinner.  Turkey burgers over a fresh garden salad, with sliced black mission figs and homemade vinaigrette. Figs are in season, and they’re wonderful.  Actually, let me take that back. By themselves they’re only so-so. Add a savory element and some tang and some good olive oil, and whoa! This great, healthy […]

Hurricane party (UPDATED)

Look, there is a storm headed my way! I feel lucky to have a sturdy house, and a safe place to be during the storm. As of Saturday morning, it’s already very stormy and gusty in my Miami-Dade neighborhood, where we are under a tropical storm warning, and a hurricane watch.  We may actually get some […]

“Weighty” Subject

How do we decide what weight we should be? I’ve been “overweight” and “underweight” but I have no clue what my “perfect weight” should be now. With this paleo project, I get the sense that I’ll continue to lose weight (fat) until I naturally settle at a weight that is good for me.  I am […]

A day of food.

I told my husband he should try paleo.  He had some trouble imagining what he would eat.  He eats (and I ate) a lot of foods that are now on my no-fly list (flour tortillas (for burritos), garbanzo beans/hummus, pita chips, cheese, just to name a few). Here are some very non-professional photos of my […]

The Olympics

I watched a lot of the Olympics this year, and really got into the cheesy pageantry. Right now, I am watching the closing ceremonies, and I have cried real tears several times. Part of the emotion comes because I really feel the passing of time this Olympics. My dad died a year ago.  He saw his […]

“Enter Legal Disclaimer Here” (UPDATED)

Maybe you’ve heard of Steve Cooksey, who is engaged in a legal skirmish with the State of North Carolina over his paleo blog. I know a lot about legal skirmishes, and I also know a little about North Carolina, having lived there a spell during college. It will be interesting to learn the outcome of the […]

Chick-Fil-A is kind of gross, and I am not even talking about their politics.

I won’t go too far into the whole Chick-Fil-A debate, because although I am a lawyer who majored in political science, this is not a politics weblog.  I support the general concept of a boycott when any group wants to call attention to an issue or make a point.  We the people can vote in our […]