Bowl of Cherries

So, almost one week of dog ownership is in the bag.

Oddly, being a dog-mom has made me feel very domestic this week.  I have been cleaning (!), doing laundry, and I finally baked cookies from a paleo cookie recipe I found via Google.

I had already bought almond meal, unsweetened coconut, coconut flour, and coconut oil. I modified the recipe a bit (more coconut, less honey, baking powder instead of baking soda–oops), but the cookies still came out OK.  I just woke from a nap and was going to have one, and discovered that my non-paleo husband ate the rest!

That’s fine.  I won’t kid myself that even grain-free, honey-sweetened almond coconut cookies are health food. The good thing is that — unlike a batch of chocolate chip cookies or my mom’s snickerdoodles (one of my favorites), I can eat one “paleo” cookie, and stop.  Sort of like eating a handful of almonds and coconut.

I went with a big handful of cherries instead…

Now, to go check on that laundry.


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