Dog tired

I know that good-quality sleep is important for good health.

Robb Wolf (The Paleo Solution) emphasizes the importance of sleep, and plenty of non-paleo sources agree… I have read in more than one place that ideally, you should get enough sleep so that you wake up naturally in the morning, without an alarm.  Usually, the only time that happens for me is on the weekend.

Mondays are usually the worst. Trying to cram the last bit of weekend into Sunday means the alarm comes way too soon on Monday morning.  But today, I woke up before the alarm.  I was not particularly well-rested, but I was very excited!  This weekend, my li’l family of two people and a cat got a little bigger, with the addition of a DOG!

I have never owned a dog as an adult. Only a cat. So this is a big adjustment.

This morning, I woke — BEFORE MY ALARM! — just because I was excited about taking the dog for a walk.

Now, I am super sleepy, but I am waiting  for my husband to get home to share new dog stories. And start all over again tomorrow.

Sleep will come another day!



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