How I Discovered Paleo

I just read back over a couple of my posts. If you happen to be reading, I apologize for repeating myself & rambling.  The type of writing I usually do for work is extremely focus-driven (usually making an argument to a judge or court to grant some type of relief). Here, I am just having a one-sided conversation, and I don’t go back and edit like I do at work. I’ll try to do better.

Today, the focus of my post is “what lead me to start implementing paleo”….

I had heard of “paleo” and “primal” and “cross fit” long before I investigated and tried paleo for myself.   Then one day I was reading (“dooce” is “Heather Armstrong” who is a full-time blogger, often labeled a “mommyblogger” who I enjoy reading even though I am not a parent).  She mentioned she was doing the paleo thing. It entered my subconscious.  Some time later she posted a few links to paleo information.  I clicked. I clicked some more. But I did nothing at that point.

Later, at some point, I read this whole thing:  It made sense to me.

I was motivated to immediately buy (download) The Paleo Solution, by Robb Wolf. I read it in a couple of days over which I started implementing the dietary guidelines.

I followed it up by downloading The Paleo Diet, by Dr. Loren Cordain.  By the time I finished reading that one, I was a few weeks in and feeling amazing.

For years, I had noticed if I had a lot of sugar (cake, or a soda) I would end up feeling odd. Sort of a buzzing feeling — not a relaxed feeling like I just had a cocktail, but an irritated feeling like my nerves were exposed.  The above authors’ discussions of sugar, grains, and their impact on blood sugar and other metabolic processes made a ton of sense.

And now, here I am.  I sent an email to dooce, thanking her for posting about paleo.  I already Twitter-thanked Mr. Wolf.

Thank you, Internet!


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