Feeling bad in the name of science

In my daily diet, I have cut out the suspected “inflammatory” foods that I used to eat without any thought.

However, I keep trying things to see “is this cheese/corn/iced cream really a problem for ME?”  Hey, I may be a lawyer but I am a scientist at heart.

Case in point, last night I went for a great dinner at Beer & Burger Joint (Miami).  I ordered a “Buck Naked” burger (angus beef patty, sitting on lettuce) with grilled mushrooms and onions and tomato, and I added roasted red peppers and roasted garlic.  It comes with a side of “mushroom fries”… but I liberated the ‘shrooms from their thick fry coating, only ate two of the nekkid ‘shrooms, and then gave the rest away.  The burger wasn’t grass-fed beef, but when you’re eating out, you can only do so much.

I was perfectly full, and felt good.

Then, because it was a celebration, I ordered a single scoop of strawberry ice cream, topped with chopped walnuts.

The ice cream tasted great. I did enjoy it.  But then about 3o minutes later, I started to feel bad. I got the raw-nerve buzz that comes with a sugar rush, and I felt generally not-so-hot.  I do think I felt better than if I had partaken in the brownie sundae that the rest of the table ate, but next time, I will forego the ice cream.

Dear All Restaurants of the World:   Please consider keeping some fresh berries or fruit around for folks who want to participate in dessert without participating in the sugar or dairy!


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