Overweight, But Not Obese

Let’s talk BMI… Body Mass Index.

You have almost certainly heard of it.  This simple calculation is a function of high and weight (I won’t provide the mathematical formula, because a number of simple BMI calculators can be found with a quick internet search… here’s one).  Supposedly, someone can look at your BMI score without looking at YOU and know whether you are underweight, normal, overweight, or obese.

This is not automatically true, and it’s easy to take issue with the BMI score because it is inexact.  Among other things, the BMI fails to take into consideration body frame and muscle mass.   Because the calculation is so simple, two people of the same height may have the same BMI even though one is very muscular and the other is very chubby.

I know that.

I also know that I am a tall girl with a big frame … a size-large human even without any fat.  You won’t find any waif-like, bird bones around here.

Still, I know my highest weight was very unhealthy, and I can’t help being excited that my paleo lifestyle has finally allowed me to leave behind an “obese” BMI score, and move into the “overweight” category.

Pretty funny to say: “Yay, I am overweight!”   But it’s true.

It’s just a number.  There are a lot more important factors that have changed.  I am healthier. I am happier. I look better in my clothes. And yet, I have my eye on crossing into the “normal” BMI range. For the first time in a log time, that number is on the horizon.


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