Ode to Bacon

As a Bacon lover, I totally need this








I am not 100% convinced that I need be eating bacon at every meal.

Not 100%.  Not every meal.

But, paleo has, at the very least, given me a slightly different perspective on what has long been a very, very guilty pleasure.  Before, sadly, I felt I had to hide my bacon-eating.  “Plink, plink.” That is the sound of my falling bacon-shame tears.

Now, I feel OK when I occasionally bring home the fancy nitrate-free, happy, free-range-pig bacon, and fry it up in the pan. While I don’t kid myself into thinking it’s health food, I don’t feel like I am an evil person for eating it, especially wrapped in romaine lettuce leaves and tomato slices.

BLT, hold the bread!

Generally when it comes to protein, I prefer fish, chicken, beef, and other seafood to pork…  But, dear li’l piggies, I thank you kindly for your bacon.


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