Monthly Archives: July 2012

Bowl of Cherries

So, almost one week of dog ownership is in the bag. Oddly, being a dog-mom has made me feel very domestic this week.  I have been cleaning (!), doing laundry, and I finally baked cookies from a paleo cookie recipe I found via Google. I had already bought almond meal, unsweetened coconut, coconut flour, and coconut […]

Dog tired

I know that good-quality sleep is important for good health. Robb Wolf (The Paleo Solution) emphasizes the importance of sleep, and plenty of non-paleo sources agree… I have read in more than one place that ideally, you should get enough sleep so that you wake up naturally in the morning, without an alarm.  Usually, the […]

Feeling bad in the name of science

In my daily diet, I have cut out the suspected “inflammatory” foods that I used to eat without any thought. However, I keep trying things to see “is this cheese/corn/iced cream really a problem for ME?”  Hey, I may be a lawyer but I am a scientist at heart. Case in point, last night I […]

“You look great!”

The nice people I see everyday have apparently started to notice that I look different, and have told me so.  They have been very sweet and complimentary.  It’s a small office, so everyone knows that I have been going to the gym most work-days, for almost 2 years. The real differences only arrived recently, with the […]

How I Discovered Paleo

I just read back over a couple of my posts. If you happen to be reading, I apologize for repeating myself & rambling.  The type of writing I usually do for work is extremely focus-driven (usually making an argument to a judge or court to grant some type of relief). Here, I am just having […]

Overweight, But Not Obese

Let’s talk BMI… Body Mass Index. You have almost certainly heard of it.  This simple calculation is a function of high and weight (I won’t provide the mathematical formula, because a number of simple BMI calculators can be found with a quick internet search… here’s one).  Supposedly, someone can look at your BMI score without […]

Ode to Bacon

As a Bacon lover, I totally need this.                I am not 100% convinced that I need be eating bacon at every meal. Not 100%.  Not every meal. But, paleo has, at the very least, given me a slightly different perspective on what has long been a very, very guilty […]