Why the “Paleo Lawyer”?

Weight, health, food, diet, fitness, and lifestyle-balance.

As a 30-something lawyer-lady, these are things I think about and read about when I am not preoccupied with lawyering.

I suddenly gained a lot of weight about 2 years ago.  Through watching my diet and exercising, I slowly lost about 20 lbs, and gained muscle.  Yay!  Certainly, I felt much healthier and happier than at my maximum weight of 230.  I got stuck at that mark for over a year, which was very frustrating.

A few weeks ago, I consulted a new physician for bloodwork to see if there was a hidden cause.

At the same time, I followed a few links on the internet and ended up reading a book on the Paleo lifestyle.  When I finished the first book, I read another one.  What I read made a lot of sense to me.

My doctor made some diet recommendations (eat more calories, eat more protein), and some exercise recommendations.  Along with those suggestions, I implemented the guidelines recommended in my Paleo books, and got immediate results.  I quickly dropped almost 10 lbs, and felt stronger, and more energetic.   For the first time in two years, I got below the sticking point.

I was, and I am, intrigued.

So. The main purpose of this silly little weblog is personal documentation of the Paleo thing.  So far, I like this new lifestyle and I want to continue eating and exercising this way.  I also intend to make note of recipes that work, recipes that fail, that kind of thing.

Will I continue to like Paleo living? Will it continue to work for me?  Will I never post again after this first post?  Time will tell.

You may ask, “why would this person not simply document everything in a personal diary and keep her blithering to herself?”

Good question.  I suppose it’s because I know that if I keep it to myself, there is absolutely no opportunity for anyone to stumble across this site,  interact, and share ideas.  It was by stumbling on someone else’s site that I decided to read those two Paleo books and now find myself feeling healthier and happier.

If my perspective as a “Paleo Lawyer” is interesting to even one other person, great!  If I am the only person who ever reads or cares about what I have to say, that’s OK too.  Let the games begin!


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