Today has been a roller coaster.  It started when I got a call from the midwives about my blood test results.  I was warned that there was good and bad news.  Uh oh. The good news: Stellar high iron levels.  I was not surprised.  Thanks, steak, organic chicken livers, and leafy greens. Mmmm. The bad […]

I thought I might write more during this pregnancy experience, but most of my spare time (outside of work, the gym, housework, and cooking), involves napping or watching bad television with my feet up. But things are going very well!  My fear about gaining too much weight has, so far, been unfounded. I have gained […]

Let’s talk about armpits!  Yay! Are commercial deodorants, or antiperspirants bad for us? I don’t know!  I think everyone’s gotten that email forwarded to them, or seen a Facebook post, that says such products containing aluminum are the devil.  Being a HUGE skeptic, I immediately Google claims, or look them up on, and the email that […]

That’s right, I am in the process of baking a human.  New stuff! The first three months I felt swollen/bloated from head to toe, and I had a slight feeling of nausea all day long.  Plus, I was always tired.  Now, about 4 months in, I have a bit of energy back, and I am less nauseous. Yay! […]

We had our first trip out on the water with our new kayak, and it was a success! We launched from Pelican Harbor Marina, in the late afternoon.  There is a rocky little beach on the northeast side of the island, and free parking (as opposed to the boat ramp side of the island).  We took […]

This weekend I finally bought a kayak!  The “should we get a kayak” debate has raged for years.  The main issue was the cost. My husband and I love to kayak, we love to be outdoors in nature.  But should we be so indulgent?  This February, I made an executive decision: YES. Let’s do this. We […]

I just saw a teaser on the LOCAL NEWS about the US News having ranked Paleo at the bottom of the pile… Of the Best Diets of 2014. Here’s a link to a good rebuttal (and the article yourself, if want to read it).  Dear local news:  You’re basic. Please report about real news. Okay? […]


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