Whew. I have now made it to my 38th week, and my belly is getting very taut and crowded! The baby still tries to move around a lot, but there just isn’t much space left for her to maneuver. She is head-down, as she has been all along. Good li’l baby. The midwives say labor […]

A study now shows that my hypothesis may be correct — that artificial sweeteners may cause diabetes.  For years, my dad drank mass quantities of artificially-sweetened drinks, trying to be healthier.  And he ended up with acute pancreatitis, and resultant insulin-dependent diabetes (which likely led to his colon cancer and too-early death).  Thanks, chemical sweetener companies.  You […]

This Sunday, I decided to do some cooking for the week ahead. I had 4.5 lbs of frozen chicken breast in the freezer from Costco. I put the chicken in the microwave to turbo-defrost, which took about 16 minutes or so. While that was going on, I got out the crock pot, and opened a box […]

I am very happy and relieved to report that I passed the Glucose Tolerance Test “with flying colors.”  In fact, my glucose levels were lower when I finished the test (~60) than when I started (~90).  Apparently that’s a good thing. The moral of the story for me is that I definitely should NOT have taken […]

This post is about: (1) a follow-up re: prenatal tests; (2) relief at the understanding of my midwives, and a bit of fist-shaking at the rigidity of the medical establishment here in the US; and (3) eating pasta at a party. Friday morning was the dreaded 3-hour Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT). I arrived at 9AM, […]

Today has been a roller coaster.  It started when I got a call from the midwives about my blood test results.  I was warned that there was good and bad news.  Uh oh. The good news: Stellar high iron levels.  I was not surprised.  Thanks, steak, organic chicken livers, and leafy greens. Mmmm. The bad […]

I thought I might write more during this pregnancy experience, but most of my spare time (outside of work, the gym, housework, and cooking), involves napping or watching bad television with my feet up. But things are going very well!  My fear about gaining too much weight has, so far, been unfounded. I have gained […]


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