Let’s talk about armpits!  Yay! Are commercial deodorants, or antiperspirants bad for us? I don’t know!  I think everyone’s gotten that email forwarded to them, or seen a Facebook post, that says such products containing aluminum are the devil.  Being a HUGE skeptic, I immediately Google claims, or look them up on snopes.com, and the email that […]

That’s right, I am in the process of baking a human.  New stuff! The first three months I felt swollen/bloated from head to toe, and I had a slight feeling of nausea all day long.  Plus, I was always tired.  Now, about 4 months in, I have a bit of energy back, and I am less nauseous. Yay! […]

We had our first trip out on the water with our new kayak, and it was a success! We launched from Pelican Harbor Marina, in the late afternoon.  There is a rocky little beach on the northeast side of the island, and free parking (as opposed to the boat ramp side of the island).  We took […]

This weekend I finally bought a kayak!  The “should we get a kayak” debate has raged for years.  The main issue was the cost. My husband and I love to kayak, we love to be outdoors in nature.  But should we be so indulgent?  This February, I made an executive decision: YES. Let’s do this. We […]

I just saw a teaser on the LOCAL NEWS about the US News having ranked Paleo at the bottom of the pile… Of the Best Diets of 2014. Here’s a link to a good rebuttal (and the article yourself, if want to read it).  Dear local news:  You’re basic. Please report about real news. Okay? […]

It’s almost 1/1, the day many people make resolutions. This year — 2013 — is the first I’ve been paleo through the entire calendar year!  I am looking forward to making 2014 my second paleo year!  Yes, of course there were days I ate sugar, and days I drank egg nog. There were couch potato […]

Thanksgiving is 20 minutes away as I begin this post (I’m up late, having driven up to Central Florida to my childhood abode). What a great holiday… a celebration of the best things in our lives, and a celebration with — and of — food.  I am a huge fan of the hot crispy turkey […]


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